CNN 12/4/13


What countries is Vice President Joe Biden visiting on his current trip?
: China
According to the report, why is the international community concerned about this region?
Answer: two-and-a-half-year-old conflict that killed more than 100,000 people and displaced millions more
How has the United States responded to China's declaration?
Answer: China began the week by escalating tensions with all its neighbors.
What are some arguments for and against online sales taxes?
Answer: Congress is debating legislation which would require online retailers to collect sales tax.
What is the current status of a legal challenge brought by two Internet retailers against an online tax?
Answer: An income tax is the degrading of all taxes.
What might the future hold for online sales taxes?
Answer: The court let standard ruling from a New York court, requiring that Internet retailers collect sales taxes even if they have no physical presence in the state.
What world record did fans of the Seattle Seahawks NFL team set this season?
Answer: Considering that Seattle is likely to host at least one playoff game in January, it's quite possible the fans will top their own record later this season.
That’s 0.03 decibels higher than the maximum level generated in October by Chiefs fans, who had beaten the record of 136.6 set in Seattle during a Week Two game against the 49ers.

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