Problem: It is really slow.
Solution: Uninstall icons that you rarely use.

Problem: It won't load.
Solution: Restart your computer.

CNN 12/17/13


Describe the current situation in Gaza.
It has a flood. The rain has created rivers in neighborhoods.

How has a natural disaster impacted people in Gaza?
People have been scared and afraid to go out on there streets.

Who was Ryan Freel?
He was a baseball player who played without fear.

What did a judge recently rule regarding the NSA's secret collection of Americans' phone data?
Four people were the only ones.

Why is this significant?

Cause he was

CNN 12/4/13


What countries is Vice President Joe Biden visiting on his current trip?
: China
According to the report, why is the international community concerned about this region?
Answer: two-and-a-half-year-old conflict that killed more than 100,000 people and displaced millions more
How has the United States responded to China's declaration?
Answer: China began the week by escalating tensions with all its neighbors.
What are some arguments for and against online sales taxes?
Answer: Congress is debating legislation which would require online retailers to collect sales tax.
What is the current status of a legal challenge brought by two Internet retailers against an online tax?
Answer: An income tax is the degrading of all taxes.
What might the future hold for online sales taxes?
Answer: The court let standard ruling from a New York court, requiring that Internet retailers collect sales taxes even if they have no physical presence in the state.
What world record did fans of the Seattle Seahawks NFL team set this season?
Answer: Considering that Seattle is likely to host at least one playoff game in January, it's quite possible the fans will top their own record later this season.
That’s 0.03 decibels higher than the maximum level generated in October by Chiefs fans, who had beaten the record of 136.6 set in Seattle during a Week Two game against the 49ers.

CNN 12/6/13


1. His greatest legacy is that he was a unifier, and that he successfully broke the bridge between the conflict of the past and the peace of today.
2. His legacy is the peaceful South Africa we see today.



1. Six world powers reached an interim agreement with Iran on its disputed nuclear program after four days of talks in Geneva. it has hurt its economy.

A storm blamed for at least eight deaths in the West was expected to bring freezing rain and sleet to parts of Texas as it continued making its way through the Southwest before moving east ahead of Thanksgiving. The National Weather Service said late Sunday night that a winter storm warning for most of North Texas had been replaced with a winter weather advisory through noon on Monday.

3. While cellphone use would still be restricted during takeoff and landing, the proposal would lift an FCC ban on airborne calls and cellular-data use by passengers once a flight reaches 10,000 feet.
That would remove a regulatory hurdle to in-flight calls, but it would be up to the airlines themselves whether to allow them.

Goal 10/30/13





1. Washington d.c. is where you would find the Washington monument.
it was closed to the public people because it had a crack in the side of it.
2. there are more than 21 million veterans in the whole world.
they were honored by rememderance day in the UK.
3. he is telling his side of the story by saying that the alleged bullying was misunderstood.
the lawyer said martin tried to befriend the people who were being rud



i think yes and no because
yes: it would make people want to change their diet and
no:they would still eat what they eat all the time



1. the results are:
bill de blasio wins in new york city       

McAuliffe wins in Virginia
Chris Christie wins in new jersey

2. 6 months






1. Edward Snowden is a is an American computer specialist and former CIA employee..
2. a couple hours.



ya know what i did for Halloween. i slept and took a shower then i watched t.v. i talked on the phone that's it so ummmmmmmmm. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . uhhhhhhhhh. . . . . . . . . . . . ..  . .. .  . BOO!!!!!!
who: Kathleen Sebelius
what:they report on a claim that a football blowout constituted bullying.
when: 10/24/13
where: Massachusetts and Nevada
why: to help stop bullying

October 18th, 2013


1. what is copyright?
it is a form of protection.
2. how long the the copyright on an original work last?
it lasts 70 years.
3. what is the fair use act?
the right of the public to make reasonable use of copyrighted material in special circumstances without the
Copyright Owner's

4. what is plagiarism?
when  you say that something is yours and its not
5. what type of things can be copyrighted
things that aren't owned
6. what cannot be copyrighted?
something that is owned
7. what is a public domain?
a persons domain
8. what other uses are covered under the fair use act?

my character is all about being herself as an emo person.

the qualities that stand out are that she is emo and she loves herself so she wont get hurt.

she is what she always wanted to be.
i think my clothing would be described as emo as some people will probably say but i think that it is art and 

expression. i think of my clothing as cool, awesome, and meh.

my clothing is to bring the real me out.

the age and gender for my clothing is teenager style.

it shows that im into all that emo crap.

fashion design


i want to learn about fashion design because i think it would be cool to be a designer. i like to look at emo shoes and 

emo clothes



i like death. Im going to talk about him now. 

    Life asked Death," y do people love me but hate you."
    Death answered,"because u are a beautiful lie and i am a painful truth.

that is all that i am saying right now GOODBYE!!  NOW LEAVE!!

Wait i wanted to learn about death and what the real truth is of y people hate him but love life.
Wordle: dead people-life =a beautiful lie-death=a painful truth